You can submit your details right here. After we receive the details, our engineering team looks up the vehicle, a structural and functional analysis is run, according to your range and speed requirements, the technical details such as speed-torque ratio, centre of gravity etc. are closely assessed. Once the technical justifications fit your needs, we move forward with the actual retrofitting.

RTO registration and green number plate provision to a vehicle takes approximately about 30-50 lacs, we are retrofitting vehicles on the client’s request, if the volume of vehicles is adequate, we can provide the approvals for the same.

We use lithium-ion batteries, the assembling and the step-by-step testing is done in IIT Delhi’s research labs. One by one, then module by module analysis to final installation testing, we have a strenuous testing procedure, that makes safety is a non-negotiable. We have stats for specifics of all motors, a variety of tests are run on the motors as well for better performance and efficiency.

For a priority basis projects, we are able to retrofit the car in 8-10 weeks.

We provide an initial warranty for batteries is 3 years and 2 years on the EV kit. The warranty is extendable up to 5-7 years.

Yes, we are proud to say the motors and batteries are made in India itself, the cells nonetheless are imported, the assembling of the cells in battery packs and testing is done in IIT Delhi research facility itself.

It would depend on the kind of the charger and the batteries as well, the usual time for DC charging is 1-2 hours. We have the provision of both the charging protocols, as per your requirement.

Vintage cars are obsolete, yet the beauty enthrals us, the systems that were installed in it are outdated in this day and age and the engine and the supporting apparatus more often than not, ceases to work, causes constant inconvenience in commuting, driving even for a small distance. Retrofitting it not only gets rid of those problems, it retains the feel of the car by retaining the transmission.

The complexity, thus the cost of retrofitting depends broadly on three factors:

  • 1. The make, model and type of the vehicle
  • 2. The speed required
  • 3. The range required

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